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Design Rush's 14 Best Package Designs

A big thank you to Design Rush for including our work in their selection of their favorite eye-catching and influential package designs. In their article, “14 Best Packaging Designs That Influence Buying Decisions“, they explore what makes a package design stand out among the crowd and ultimately influence a consumer to take notice. Our package design for The Mindful Mushroom is featured alongside a selection of beautifully designed examples from creative agencies around the world. As one of our top fave design projects too, we’re grateful to Design Rush for spotlighting this piece.

14 Best Packaging Designs That Influence Buying Decisions

The Mindful Mushroom by Compel Co.

Standout features:

  • Teal color embodies the state of mindfulness
  • Clever logo
  • Creative packaging “window”

Another mushroom-powered entry on our list, the Mindful Mushroom is passionate about gourmet mushrooms and meditation to reach the state of mindfulness. The ideators behind the brand strongly believe that this potent combo can prevent and treat most of the main health issues humans (specifically Americans) face daily.

To help them in the mission of battling ever-spreading health issues, such as anxiety, depression, obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and cognitive decline, as well as spreading the word with innovative packaging design, the brand approached Compel Co. agency.

When all the parts of a creative puzzle come together, the result is pure zen. From the appealing and minimal linework to the choice of color and subtle illustrations, Compel Co. brought the brand to the spotlight.