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Our Work

We put our skills to work for good people, great companies, and compelling causes. These are just some of our recent collaborations we’ve loved being a part of.

Compel co + Mindful Mushroom

Shine Orthodontics

Shine Orthodontics designs smiles for their patients that make them radiate with confidence. So we crafted a brand for them that radiates optimism and warmth.

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Compel co + Mindful Mushroom

The Mindful Mushroom

The Mindful Mushroom was founded by a visionary RN who wanted to bring natural and holistic methods of healing straight to peoples homes.

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Compel Co + Villagree

Villagree Custom Homes

From custom iron detailing to hand crafted tile work, Villagree’s custom homes are works of art and stunning staples of Colorado Springs’ Parade of Homes every year.

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Compel Co + Onco Vida

Onco Vida

Facing a cancer diagnosis is hard enough. That’s why oncology practice Onco Vida works to help make the learning and treatment process as calming and healing as possible.

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Compel co + Soteria<br />


Named after the Greek goddess of safety and preservation, Soteria provides peace of mind for their clients who want to know their homes are in good hands while they’re away.

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Compel Company - Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks Survival Packs

Created to help prepare people for everyday disasters with ease, Brass Tacks Survival Packs are meant to be as stylish as they are useful.

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Compel co + Smiths Old School

Smith’s Old School Tutoring

For longtime public school math teacher Russ Smith, learning math is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It just takes the right teacher and the right method to get the job done.

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Compel Co + Co Home Base

Co Home Base

If the search for the perfect home is like a journey around the bases, CO Home base will help you hit it out of the park every time.

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